Your Unseen Friends & How to Work With Them


Who are your unseen friends? 

Your unseen friends are beings who love you and are connected to you, yet they do not have physical bodies on this earth.
Who could an unseen friend be? They could be*:

  • A guide or counselor – According to Lazaris each of us has a minimum of two guides or counselors “assigned” to us each lifetime—one male and one female.
  • Your Higher Self – The next “higher” aspect of who you are.
  • Your future self – You have multiple future selves just as you have multiple probable futures. Connecting with the most “light-filled” future self can be healing, uplifting and inspiring.
  • Your guardian angel – One of the highest aspects in the unseen realm are those from the “angelic realm”.
  • Your subconscious mind – Not technically an “unseen friend” but an aspect of us new each lifetime where we “store” all we experience and believe.
  • Loved ones who have passed over – These may or may not be our “unseen friends”, or may be for a while.
  • Your Soul – Like your Higher Self, your Soul is with you throughout all lifetimes and is a higher aspect than your Higher Self. Your Soul is a feminine energy.
  • Your Spirit – With you new each lifetime, your Spirit is the spark of life, passion and aliveness—a masculine energy.
  • God – The highest masculine energy of “all that is”.
  • The Goddess – The highest feminine energy of “all that is”.

Yes, these are all separate, unique energies, with distinct personalities and who have great love for you, but alas, no bodies in this dimension. But that’s ok. A body isn’t really necessary to love, to be loved, to help, to inspire, and to assist in change.

How can these be messages to you personally when they go out to everyone? 

These messages are co-written with my own unseen friends with the purpose of connecting you to your unseen friends. If you allow them to, they can open the door to an ongoing, deep and rich relationship with each of them.

How can you work with your unseen friends? 

Your unseen friends always want to work with you. And they are always listening and waiting for you to request their help. How do you request their help? Simply say, mentally, or aloud, something like this:

“Dear Higher Self (Or Soul, Sprit, God, Goddess, etc.),
Please help me with _______________.
I would like to heal _________.
I’d like to create a life I love. Please assist me in doing that.
Please help me gently discover and uncover my limiting beliefs, and help me to change them. 
Or any request, in your own words.
Thank you.”

You can also meditatively connect with your unseen friends. To do this simply sit or lie down in a quiet and private place. Perhaps play some soft music. And let yourself relax. Let yourself drift. And when you are fully relaxed, imagine yourself in a beautiful place in nature. Imagine the trees, the sunlight or moonlight, the sounds, the breeze, the smells. And know you are safe. Then allow the unseen friend of your choice to come visit you in this space. Just sit quietly with them. Perhaps let them hold you. You can speak, or listen to them speak, or simply be in their love and in their presence. This can be a beautiful way to connect and begin to develop a relationship with your unseen friends.

Remember, your unseen friends won’t take responsibility for creating your life—that is what you came here to do. But they will guide, support and assist. And their help will make a difference. But you do have to ask.

Receive weekly messages from your Unseen Friends.

* Note, I learned most of my information about the different Unseen Friends from the channeled entity, Lazaris. I highly recommend all of the books, cds and workshops Lazaris creates. Find out more here.