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Abundance Creation Cards

Receive guidance, inspiration and hope with these 45 little pieces of joy! Keep these cards for yourself and buy another set or two to give away—one by one or in the complete set. Just reading these little rectangles of empowerment will uplift, inspire and motivate you (and those you care about) to consciously create abundance.

Product Specs:

  • Front: a word to inspire and meditate on
  • Back: an inspirational and educational quote by Boni on consciously creating abundance
  • 45 – 2” x 3.5” cards
  • Tucked inside a beautiful and reusable gauze & satin gift bag
  • Made in the USA
Explore 101 ways to use your creation cards here

If you are interested in mixing and matching different sets of Creation Cards, please contact us for discount pricing. Email us at

Price: $7.95
Quantity Discount
Buy 2 to 5 units at $6.95
Buy 6 to 9 units at $5.95
Buy 10 to 100 units at $4.95


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  1. Dibay

    I so love all your creation cards!!! If i wanted to buy them how much would the additional costs be as i live in Manila, Philippines?

  2. Theresa Pidcock

    I purchased two packs of conscious creation cards. I love them! I noticed today, you posted “self-love” and “discern”… Neither of which is in my pack. How do I get them? What other fabulous messages are out there? Thanks in advance! Such an inspiration.

    • Boni

      Hi Theresa,

      Thank you so much for your kind words about our Creation Cards. I’m really thrilled you love them. There are currently three sets of Conscious Creation Cards, all of which you can buy here:

      Let me explain the plan for Creation Cards (and for The Map). The Map is the foundation book of my work. I have six more books planned, about how to apply The Map, to create Money, Love, Other Relationships, Happiness, Health and Beauty and Work You Love. Conscious Creation Cards (the first set) corresponded with the first book. Eventually there will be 7 books and 7 sets of creation cards. You’ll need a really big bowl or basket to display them all!

      Thanks for writing Theresa!

      with love,

  3. Yogibear52

    Dear Boni, This is wonderful! As soon as I can I will purchase these Abundance Creation Cards they are a great tool to create Abundance. Thank you for your brilliance!!! I Thank you with my sincerest gratitude. Yolanda

    • Boni


      Thank you so much for your comments. I’m happy you are enjoying the cards via Facebook!



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