From ‘What’s the use?’ to ‘Totally juiced!’

By Boni Lonnsburry

Dear Boni,

If this is all a dream, than it is up to us to attach our own meaning to it. And I think that is where I get stuck. Friends of mine with kids find meaning there, others find meaning making money, and some people let others decide what is meaningful to them. Most seem to get by being hypnotized by the internet and TV. It is almost like I am going though this existential depression. Sometimes I can’t find anything I am truly passionate about. How did you get from “what’s the use?” to “totally juiced”?”

Wishing I Felt Excited

Dear Wishing,

Good question. Feeling excited is a choice – every day. You see, I realize I do create my reality. It is, as you say, all a dream. And you are absolutely right, it is up to us. It is up to us to give things meaning, to find our passion, and to stay juiced. It is not always an easy choice. But knowing when I stay in that juiced place, it will reflect positively in my world, is the first thing I remind myself when I want to move out of apathy.

It is not easy because most in the world want us to stay asleep. For a myriad of reasons, most of the people we share the planet with are resistant to change, growth, even passion and success. “They” want us to be hypnotized by the internet and television. “They” even want us to believe making money has meaning and that having children is one of the few things in life that is worthwhile.

And if we are not awake, if we are not captaining our own ship, the waves (or energy) of our world around us will take us where everyone else is going. And I will bet you anything that is not where you want to go. 

So how do you make that choice every day? Some days it is easier than others. But there are techniques that do make it easier:

Remember your dream

You see a dream is vital. And when you create that dream, you need to dream a bigger dream. As long as you are in a body, you will want and need a dream to move towards.

Remind yourself of the state of being you want to be in

Why? Because not being there feels lousy. Everyone hates feeling “What’s the use?” It feels like crap. So do the other constricting emotions. But don’t wait for something to happen to you to be happy. Choose happy.

Bring in help

Upon awakening, each day, say something like this, “Today I choose to feel joy, fun, excitement, creative, expansive, prosperous, delighted and positively surprised.” And then ask your unseen friends to help you stay in those resonances.

Remind yourself that you do create your reality, and you can create it consciously

Remind yourself you have a whole team of unseen friends who are uber powerful and just waiting for you to ask their assistance.

Use whatever resources seem appropriate to shift your energy

That might include books, audio seminars, readings, music, nature, meditation, etc.

You see, it is up to us. Each and every day. No one will do it for us, and it won’t happen automatically. We need to make it happen.

Good luck in getting juiced, Wishing! Keep me posted, ok?

In joyous creation,

Boni Lonnsburry is the author of three books including The Map - To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True and the founder of Creation School, a place to develop conscious creation skills into artistry.

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