A Holiday Gift for You!

Blue Magic Holiday Box cropped

To my Fellow Creators,

As we enter our holiday season and prepare for a new year…shining with possibility…I reflect on this past year and what I have created.

I have created you in my life, and you have created me in yours. And I am deeply grateful for your presence…for your love, support, feedback and your willingness and courage to dream, and to create that dream.

As a token of my love and gratitude, I have created this empowering screensaver. I took this picture from my backyard in the Bahamas. When I look at this picture, I remember the simple fact that I created this dream I live – and I want you to remember that YOU can create your dream too.

May your coming year be filled with more reasons to be grateful than ever before, and may you create, with ease and elegance, a life you absolutely love!

Holiday Screensaver 2013 tn

In joyous creation,

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"Create a Life I Love" Screensaver - Be reminded each day that YOU are divine and deserve to create a life you truly love.

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