Live a Life You Love Necklace Power Piece

For graceful manifestation in all areas, with the addition of protection, prosperity and effortless success. A powerful combination, together these pieces protect, inspire and leave you feeling prosperous and triumphant. This piece includes all of the trans[...] Learn More »

Price: $699.00

Love Necklace

For more love of all kinds. This beautiful necklace is not only stunning, it’s infused with energies to help your dreams of love come true—whether that is for more self-love, family love or romantic love. The HighChi Pendant HighChi Energy™ is an [...] Learn More »

Price: $737.00

Divine Priestess Power Bracelet

Whether worn as a single bracelet, a set of three, with or without a charm, this bracelet provides a beautiful combination of clarity, wisdom, love, protection and beauty. Carnelian: This brownish/red mineral bead provides grounding, vitality and clarity. [...] Learn More »

Price: $49.00