The message I most need to hear:



Your other unseen friends and I (yes, we talk) are SO excited that you are getting to know us better. We really do want to build a solid and loving relationship with you, so that you may have an easier time calling on us for love, support and guidance.

You probably have already observed that your Soul is a thoughtful, rich, slow-moving friend, filled with mystery and depth—whilst I, on the other hand, move quickly, intensely, passionately and am filled with excitement and discovery!

Yes, we work quite well together. 😉

And both of us are part of YOU. You have a part that is reflective, quiet, introspective and who seeks the answers within—and you also have a part that is delighted with this physical world, interactive with it and fervent about creating what you want in this spectacular illusion. There is a time and place for both of those parts of you, Friend.

These parts of you work beautifully together too. For it is only when you go within to find your passion, your voice, your desires and dreams, that you are truly inspired to go “outside of you” to create them.

You see—anything at all is creatable. But action just to be acting won’t be as fulfilling as taking action to create a passionate dream.

Creating money, or love, or success just to say you did it, just to check it off your list, or just to feel as if you are finally “OK”, just won’t contain what you are really seeking.

But creating money to feel financially free and to explore all the deliciously wonderful parts of this earth, or creating a partner to explore deeper and richer forms of love and intimacy, or to create success so you can find a juicy passion and have a blast manifesting it successfully in this world, will fill you with what it is you truly desire—meaning, love, excitement, joy and fun.

Yes, Friend, this was just a little lesson in passion and creation from your extremely passionate and creative Spirit.

I LOVE you!!!!

Your Spirit

P.S. Don’t take my word for it—talk to your Soul about this too…they are waiting. They love you. And they want to help.

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