The message I most need to hear:



I am with you every lifetime. Did you know that? But this lifetime, well this lifetime is different.

This lifetime you are remembering who you are—that you are divinity itself. And you are remembering what you can do—you can dream a world into being.

I walk with you, Friend. Every step of the way I am with you. But if you tune into me more, if you can feel me standing next to you each and every day, you will also begin to hear what I am saying to you.

I whisper in your ear:

“Dream BIG Friend. Bigger than you ever have before. For you are powerful enough to dream any dream into reality.”

And I also say:

“You deserve a life of love, laughter, prosperity, ease, elegance and abundance. Do not let anything or anyone tell you differently.”

Then I add:

“Please forgive yourself for all past mis-creations dear Friend. For yes, you are divine, but you are also human. And humans by their very nature are not perfect. And that is not only OK, it is also perfect in its imperfection.”

And each and every day I shout:

“Don’t forget the FUN Friend!! It’s what you came here for. Lighten up and take the world with a grain of laughter—for laughter is the balm to your soul. It heals, it forgives and it embraces.”

Yes, I am here for you dear one. Count on me. Lean on me. And feel my loving arms around you in times of fear and confusion. I never, ever leave your side.

Loving you always,

Your Higher Self

P.S. Need some inspiration to giggle more? Take a look at some of the animals on your planet—like the aardvark, the platypus or the yeti crab. Yes, our Creator definitely has a sense of humor!

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