The message I most need to hear:



Since it’s my job to store everything—all your thoughts, feelings, experiences of the past as well as your hopes and fears of the future—I really see what’s going on.

And I have to say; it’s like a revolving door in here lately. One minute you’re thinking thoughts of dreams come true, empowerment and security—and the next thing I know, you’re thinking thoughts of disappointment, powerlessness and fear.

Friend, you know this already, but I want to remind you. What you think about you strengthen, especially when those thoughts have strong emotion attached. And what you speak about you strengthen even more.

If you want to move forward into a future of fun, abundance and excitement, you’ve got to start thinking thoughts that make you feel excited, abundant and happy. Even before good things start happening.

But if you keep being reactive—by seeing things “out there” and assuming it’s indicative of your future—you’re going to be disappointed.

Just remember one thing—your present feelings = your future reality.

This is simply a little reminder, Friend. I know you’ve got this.

With love and great belief in your powers,

Your Subconscious Mind

P.S. You really are powerful Friend. Just look at what you’ve created so far. So called “negative realities” are just as much proof of power as “positive” ones. The universe doesn’t care which it delivers; it’s just the deliveryman.

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