The message I most need to hear:



Do you remember when you told me you wanted to play the game of “Being Physical”? I said, “Sure—go ahead. Have fun!”

I said that because I ALWAYS say, “Sure—go ahead. Have fun!” no matter what you ask me. In fact, I have never, ever said the word, “No” to you.

And of course I knew you would forget. That is, after all, what makes the whole game work. If you didn’t forget, how could you possibly experience “remembering”?

But Friend, I never thought you would have such a hard time remembering. I never thought you would take this game so seriously, and play it so well, that it would cause you pain. I never thought (and neither did you) that it would become so dark.

However, just because it has been dark does not mean it needs to stay dark. In fact, your entire planet is being bathed in light and love as you read this. Yes—it is time on your earth for a “great remembering”. Light, love and knowing will flood every single being on your planet, you included.

What does this mean for you, Friend? It means it is now easier than ever to stay in joy, to release the pain, to change your beliefs and to move forward in the essence of love. It is now easier than ever to create the dream life you have always wanted.

So please take advantage of this “window of light”, Friend. Forgive yourself. Write out your dreams. Ask for guidance and healing. Choose, every moment of every day, to do what feels the most exciting to you. And expect your reality to change.

With LOVE,


P.S. And whether you can feel me or not, Friend, I’ll am there. I will be with you every step along the way. I am aware of you…I know who you are…and I absolutely unconditionally LOVE you.

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