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Bach Flower Essence Chart (Printed)

Shift your emotions with help from Bach Flower Essences! Bach flower essences are an amazing gift from the planet and can help you, your children and your pets shift out of negative emotional states with elegance and ease. And this chart makes it easy to[...] Learn More »

Price: $9.95

Inner Art Gift Certificates

Give the gift of creation (and choice) to those you love. Inner Art Gift Certificates are available in any amount, $25 and above, and are redeemable on all products sold on the Live a Life You Love website. Each certificate is valid for 12 months from the [...] Learn More »

Price: 25.00 And Up

Live a Life You Love Manifestation Bundle

Start your journey in making all your dreams come true with this happy little e-bundle. The Map: To Our Responsive Universe - Where Dreams Really Do Come True! E-book, The Map Workbook,and The Map Audio Book are some of the tools included to help you creat[...] Learn More »

List Price: $102.95
Price: $74.95

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