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Guided audio visualization technique that takes just 60 seconds! The “One Minute Manifestor” will assist you in focusing powerful, laser-like energy towards your dream in under 60 seconds! Do this technique, once, twice, or many times during the day, as it only takes a minute to complete. Listen to Parts 1 and 3 just once if you like. Go back to the actual technique (Part 2—just 60 seconds) time and time again, and watch your world respond! Cover art by Arna Bartz www.arnabartz.com

Product Specs:

  • Mp3 file – Part 1 – Description of the “One Minute Manifestor” and how to use it
  • Mp3 file – Part 2 – “One Minute Manifestor” Technique
  • Mp3 file – Part 3 – What to do after the “One Minute Manifestor”

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