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The Map E-course Renewal

The Map E-course is for those people who are serious about changing their realities. This is your opportunity to hear Boni present the concepts in The Map!

You will:

  • Be included into a rare and exciting opportunity – Boni teaching the principles of The Map in 8 individual, prerecorded online seminars.
  • Learn more about The Map’s seven steps to conscious creation:

    • Know who you are.
    • Clarify your desire.
    • Flow energy towards your dream.
    • Take inspired action.
    • Watch your world respond.
    • Stay in joy.

  • Delve into your beliefs and be guided as to how to discover and change them.

And a special Bonus Gift for registering!

  • Guided audio visualization technique that takes just 60 seconds! The “One Minute Manifestor” will assist you in focusing powerful, laser-like energy towards your dream in under 60 seconds! Do this technique, once, twice, or many times during the day, as it only takes a minute to complete. Listen to Parts 1 and 3 just once if you like. A $9.95 value!
  • E-course Topics

  • The Map part 1 – An overview of conscious creation & The Map.
  • The Map part 2 - Who are you (really) and beginning to dream – by setting your intentions.
  • The Map part 3 – Flowing energy part 1. Unconscious vs. conscious “flow”. Becoming conscious and powerful.
  • The Map part 4 – Flowing energy part 2. Beliefs.
  • The Map part 5 – Flowing energy part 3 - Techniques.
  • The Map part 6 – Taking “inspired” action. How to know what to do.
  • The Map part 7 – Watching your world respond. And responding to it’s response.
  • The Map part 8 – Staying in joy, asking for help & a day-by-day creation plan.


    One hour of prerecorded presentation, up to 30 minutes of prerecorded Q&A

    Questions Answered by Boni in the E-course:

    Click here to see all questions answered during the E-course

    NOTE: These sessions will be available for 45 days after you access the sessions for the first time.

Price: $19.95

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