The Map ~ To a Delicious Life

By Boni Lonnsburry

I am so excited to share this with you! For years I’ve struggled with how to explain conscious creation.

And recently, I received (read my guides dropped it into my consciousness – thank you!) The Map! – which makes the entire concept easy to understand, implement and troubleshoot.

Why troubleshoot? Because if you aren’t getting what you want, don’t you want to know why? I know I do.

So without further adieu, The Map!

Where do you begin?

You begin with you, and knowing who you are. This is a core concept.

You will come back to this knowing (remembering) time and time again. If this core knowing of who you are is not solid, you will be hard challenged to create what you desire.

I will teach you methods of solidifying this knowing. And you will practice deepening this ownership of who you really are – a divine spark of God, of Goddess, of the divine, and of all that is.

And it is because of owning who you are that the ancillary concept makes sense:

You create your own reality.

Let that in. You create your own reality. You already do this. I will teach you how to be conscious of this fact, but you are already doing it.

And then, dream… imagine… desire…

What do you want? What are the elements of your ideal life? You have to know what you want before you can manifest it. If you don’t know what you want, you probably know what you don’t want! Start there.

For example: I don’t want a job where I have to work so many hours and am paid so little.

The desire: I want a job where I work 40 hours a week or less and am paid double what I am now.

Now state it as an intention: I intend to create a job where I work 40 hours a week or less and I am paid double my current salary (or more!).

Write intentions for every aspect of your life. My intentions include: Money. Work. Relationships. Physical surroundings. Physical body. Life Partnership. Emotional &Mental. Spiritual. Earth & Humanity. Play. Creative. Cosmic.

Expand, imagine the best life can get and most of all, have fun!

And then, flow energy…

What does that mean? It means to somehow give positive emotions and thoughts to the dream. This is where techniques come in.

From the easiest technique – simply reading your intentions, to the most involved, you need to flow energy to your dreams in order to make them manifest. It doesn’t matter which technique you use as much as whether you do flow energy towards the life you want.

And it is just as important to make certain you are not stopping the flow of energy. You may be stopping it without even realizing it!

How does this happen? Well, let’s imagine you want to create more money in your life, but you have a deep belief that says it is not possible for you to do that. That belief is sending out its own flow of energy that results in lack of money. Like two forces in opposition, the strongest one will win.

This part of the map is where most of the attention will be placed. There is always a reason you aren’t getting what you want, and usually it is something that is impeding or distorting the flow of energy that otherwise would be making your dreams come true!

But no worries, this can be changed and healed! That is the phenomenal news!! Everything that isn’t working in your life can change! You deserve a life of your dreams. That is what you came here to live!

So what happens after you have massaged the flow of energy to be in accordance with your desires?

Take inspired action!

Actions do speak louder than words. Actions tell the universe you are serious about having this thing you want. They tell your subconscious mind you intend to receive it. And the action should be part of the fun – if the action isn’t joyful maybe take another look at whether you really want this thing and whether you really believe you can have it.

There was a man in one of my seminars who was lamenting that he had a speaking business and couldn’t get any gigs. (That he was lamenting should be the first clue as to why he wasn’t more successful.)

Frank: Can you help me manifest some speaking gigs? I started speaking a year ago and I can’t get jobs!

Me: Frank, I know from my own experience in this industry that there are lots of clubs and associations who would love to hear you speak.

Frank: Yeah, I’ve called many of them but they all want me to speak for free.

Me: What’s wrong with speaking for free? You could hone your skill, make contacts, experience the joy of the work…

Frank: Well, the thing is, I don’t really like the speaking part. I like the money part. And speakers make a lot of money.

Well, it is unlikely Frank is going to ever be one of those speakers. His beliefs (flow of energy) may be:

  1. I don’t have much money.
  2. I must find a career that makes me a lot of money.
  3. I can’t do what I love and be well paid.
  4. I must martyr myself in order to prosper.
  5. Money is hard to make.
  6. Speaking is hard to succeed at.

So his actions were not joyful, nor were they bringing him closer to his desire. Are you beginning to see how these pieces of the map fit together?

And note: it is take inspired action. Not any old action for the sake of crossing it off the list. Inspired action!

What is inspired action? It is action that feels good and right and true. This inspiration to act generally comes after you flow the energy.

Have you ever had a wish or desire to do something that was a bit past your comfort zone? Have you ever talked yourself into thinking you could have it, gotten all excited about this idea or concept and seen it fully manifest in your mind? From that place, taking action is fun, exciting even.

Have you also had a dream seem to fall apart in your mind before it ever got started? From that place it is nearly impossible to act at all let alone out of joy.

Why does this happen? Because the energy flow gets disrupted; you begin to imagine the failure, not the success of the dream. And action stops.

Inspiration to act comes after we are feeling like nothing can stop us, like we are on the top of the world, like everything we desire is not only possible, but probable.

Taking action ideally strengthens the dream and the flow. And then,

Watch your reality respond to you!

OK you have a desire; you have fed it and supported it by taking action.  How do you know whether it is working? Your reality will tell you if it is working!! Is your reality changing? And how?

It doesn’t need to take a long time to receive feedback. Often you see your reality shift within hours. Sometimes it will take days but usually less than three days to see something shifting.

When I first began working on manifesting monetary abundance, I did a short (less than a minute) visualization technique. Two hours later I walked out to the mailbox and there was a check in the mail. The check was delivered to the wrong address, and it wasn’t made out to me, but it was a check in my mailbox! That was a sign that my flow was working.

Within a month the exact amount I desired (several thousand dollars) did come into my reality, but if I hadn’t responded to the initial signs positively it may not have.

Respond in this section of the map means both

  1. Look for the response in your world and
  2. How do you respond to that response?

In this case, I responded with excitement! My techniques were working!! I celebrated!

And if (and when) you don’t see your world changing, or, heaven forbid, your world changes in the opposite way – less money, etc?

You respond accordingly… you go back to the dream, clarify it further, go back to the flow, look for hidden beliefs etc. You respond with “Hey, I’m not perfect and I’m new at this to boot, but I feel in my bones this is real and I will figure it out and heal what needs healing, change what needs changing and I WILL consciously create a life I love!”

You forgive yourself for not doing it perfectly.

And you keep trying. You can create your world consciously. Know that. Commit to doing whatever it takes to make that happen.

And that is what you do when you are doing ‘the work’ of creating.

What do you do the rest of the time?

You feel as much joy, in the moment, as you can – all the while living your life (emotionally) as if you already have the dream!

This is a critical piece folks. So many people spend five minutes hoping for their dreams then spend the next 16 hours focusing on scarcity, struggle and lack. You are flowing energy all day long. Be conscious of that and flow some love, joy and positivity.

And if you can think of yourself already having the dream, all the better! Your creation can manifest super fast!

How do you do that? Well, for instance, during the years I was learning about manifesting abundance I was driving an old, junky car. I imagined myself driving a new, jazzy convertible. I drove the old car as if it were the most expensive car in the world. I took care of it, kept it clean and treated it like it was worth 10 times what it was.

Needless to say this is my current car:

And that’s all there is to conscious creation folks… unless, you want it to be easier, more elegant, and more fun. What then?

Ask for help

The ‘help’ are the little sparkly stars in the map. You see, you can do it alone. But you don’t have to. You have unseen friends. Scores of them. And they want to help you but they won’t interfere unless you ask. So invite them in. And receive their help, their guidance, their support, their healing. They won’t do it for you, but they will give you a leg up.

These are the bones of the map.

Conscious creation is not really this linear. Sometimes you’ll get to action and go back and change the dream. Sometimes you’ll see the response and get so excited you want to go back and do more technique. Creating is more of a dance than a map. But this will give you a template to begin your process. And it works. It works. Isn’t that awesome!!???

So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this right now and go write down your intentions! This is the most amazing journey of your life… YOU create it all. What will you create?

In joyful creation,



Boni Lonnsburry is the author of three books including The Map - To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True and the founder of Creation School, a place to develop conscious creation skills into artistry.

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  1. Pamel

    Hi Boni,
    I am overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion. You have been so generous with your knowledge, insights, and teachings; that I have found inside your teachings, keys that unlocked my true potential. I am truly grateful in your openness to share the keys to releasing the magic within us all.
    Thank you

    • Boni

      Hi Pamel,

      Thank you so much for your very kind words. It brings me great joy for people to realize who they are and what they are capable of creating. I’m really happy that my words are speaking to you Pamel!

      much love,

  2. Barbie Hall Gummin

    Hi Boni – My cherished friend and former Vistage Chair, Janet Fogarty sent me this from you. I love it and want to speak with you about symbiotic possibilities.

    Can we talk February 8? What time is good for you. I am mostly open that day and live in Florida (EST)?

    Love, light & action,

    Barbie (

  3. BJM

    Hi Boni
    I’ve enjoyed your blog. I too believe in the power of creation and see it at work in my own life. Have you ever tried to positively impact the health of another?

    Looking forward to your thoughts (and next post.)

    • Boni

      Hi BJM,

      Thank you for reading and thanks for the kind words. Yes, I have tried to positively impact the health of another. I have seen my consciousness miraculously (and I mean miraculously) impact another. And I have seen there be no discernable impact. The reason is complex and I will to write a post (soon) to explain why.

      It is a very good question… thank you for asking it.

      with love and light,


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