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The Map Workbook (Paperback)

The companion guide to The Map: To Our Responsive Universe - Where Dreams Really Do Come True!

The Map has changed tens of thousands of lives. And creating your "dream come true" just got a lot easier.

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  1. Trisha mcgovern

    I ordered two map work. Looks two weeks ago under Patricia mcgovern St. Paul mn can you please che k on this

    • Gwen

      Hi Trisha,

      Thank you for your comment and email, it is great to hear from you. I just sent you an email with some questions regarding your order. We will get it figured out ASAP. Thank you for reaching out.

      Hugs and smiles,

      Gwen Buehler
      Word Spreader

  2. Raze

    I was introduced to your beautiful website and The Map 3 months ago. It’s more than a book, it’s the best gift I ever given myself – it’s changed my entire life….thank you Boni!

  3. Louise

    I was very excited that I found this book! It seemed like the right time for it to find me as well. It is now the chosen material for my group’s book club starting mid November 2015.

  4. Mag Hepner

    I need to reread the book and start again. I love the book, and I’m looking forward to workbook very much. I think it will help me stay focused and moving forward with a wide open lens and heart.


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