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Remember when you were a child? You had an image of yourself, and you could not begin to imagine who you would become.

And you currently have an image of yourself. And you cannot begin to imagine who you are becoming.

You will begin to own (really own) your power.

You will begin to live (really live) the life you came here to live.

You will astound yourself, with the love you have (for yourself, and for others).

You will dream bigger dreams than you have ever thought possible.

I know this, because I AM you. Yes, it is quite exciting Friend.

And, I also know, that at times it can be scary. This is a lot of change I’m talking about. And change is sometimes scary.

So call on me, dear Friend, when you are afraid. I will guide you through the scary parts. Because, dear one, I know the way.

With astonishing love for you,

Your Future Self

P.S. Don’t forget the fun. It really IS about the fun, right here right now, AND dreaming an amazing future at the same time! You are about to get really, really good at that Friend! Remember, practice does make perfect!

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  1. Kathy

    Thank you, I needed the reminder to have fun right now and change is scary but it’s ok!!

  2. Pamela Ward

    To start with that was beautiful, tears are streaming down my face. Words can move mountains. I never thought much of myself, I always tried to help other, give to other, open my home to others…and usually got things stolen from me, I probably would have given them the items they took, but my life didn’t work that way. When I heard about you guys I knew I met kindred spirits, maybe I’m the free spirited one of the bunch and end up where I started, but I always have hope it won’t happen again…then in walks Mr. IRS, he was nice, but I can’t afford his payments, why am I just now finding out about it? Is there an 8th wonder of the world? Let’s chart it up to, I missed the memo. No matter what happens to me and my cats, dogs, birds….we were loved, yes I can say that. Maybe not by my neighbors husband, with his…we won’t go there. Rest assured we were loved. xo


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