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As your faithful servant, I don’t often share my opinions. But I’ve been talking with some of the other subconscious minds recently—particularly the minds of the people you most admire (I’m your subconscious—I know everything!).

Here’s the thing, Friend. You admire people because you think they have something you don’t. But that’s just not true. They create their reality with exactly the same thing you do: thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

The only difference is that the people you most admire allow their genius to come forward. They allow success to unfold. And their beliefs, thoughts, and emotions support those creations.

And you can too!

You simply need to change a few thoughts and the corresponding feelings, and any beliefs that keep you mired in the past. Maybe begin with thoughts and beliefs like these:

Success is a struggle.

I try to get ahead, but it’s hard.

I don’t know what my genius is, let alone how to express it.

Life happens—I can’t control it.

Simply visualize entering into your building of beliefs, finding the above beliefs, and completely destroying them! Then, replace them with:

Success is easy and fun!

I follow my passion, and it leads me to success!

I know I have a unique genius and following my excitement results in expressing that genius!

Life is a gift—and I create it!

Now don’t those beliefs feel better? Don’t forget to say the new beliefs often, Friend. Reinforcing them is crucial.

I’m so, so excited for the new life you’re creating!! A lot is going to be changing around here.

With love and excitement,

Your Subconscious Mind

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  1. Judith

    A perfect reminder… Positive and specific daily affirmations really, really matter and work. Thank you…

    • Lolita

      Sooo timely, thank you! Gracias, merci, salamat, shukran, arigato, grazie! I just quit my job and waiting for the next assignment. My covenant/contract with the BEST EMPLOYER is: Please send me where I’m needed!


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