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You feel things changing, don’t you? And sometimes it’s exciting—and you can’t wait for each new day. And sometimes it’s petrifying—and you wish you had your old world back.

I understand dearest one. I feel your excitement and your fear.

And it’s okay to have both. I expect you to have both. But know this, dearest Friend, the fear belongs to an “old you.”  You are not that person any more. But have compassion for that part of you. Their fear is real—to them.

I suggest sitting with your fearful self. Let them run wild with their stories of doom and gloom. Listen to them, let them play it out for both of you—the very worst case scenarios. And then take their fear—all of it—and place it in a bubble of light. And watch it float away.

Assure the fearful you that you do, indeed, have it handled. And let them go off in peace.

Meanwhile, dear Friend, imagine your wildest dreams without the burden of fear. Will this handle your fear forever and completely? Likely not. But it will free you—for a while—to soar. And your soaring excitement is exponentially more powerful than your very worst fears.

I do love you so. The depth of love I have for you is immeasurable, inconceivable, and inexpressible. And it is here for you to bask in, to become stronger in and to find peace in—any time you desire. Simply think of me, and ask…

Always and forever in love with you,

The Goddess

P.S. I am very proud of you Friend. The way you seek wisdom and honor truth, as well as your hunger for growth and change (which I know is scary) is nothing short of remarkable.

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  1. Barbara

    Timing is uncanny to receive this message! I appreciate the love and encouragement from your message! Sending love to you!

  2. Carolyn

    Beautiful Thankyou. I’ve read your messages out to friends and work colleagues and they always come right when I need them most, it’s very special & the words are so powerful & hopeful. It’s almost like you can see into my soul! Thankyou for sharing your kindness with others these messages really do help. I’m about to start a new job soon and I’m petrified, I’ve started to feel myself slip into old habits out of fear & being anxious. So when I read your message about change it really helped. Thankyou again

  3. Trish

    This has been my favorite message so far. This one really went straight to my core.

  4. Wendy

    With loving gratitude, as I bask in the energy of your love that lights my darkness.

  5. Carole

    Yes, scary and wonderful at the same time. I have come and gone from the life I knew and are now a part of. Thank you for your insightful thoughts. I am good and you should be proud of me, goddess. I thank you.

  6. Alison

    I must say that this message came at the most perfect time! It helps to validate that the changes I am making in my life are the right ones for me! It reminds me that the fear I feel about those changes are unfounded and unnecessary…That I am in the right place at the right time and that all is well. Thank you for this message of reassurance. I truly appreciate it!

  7. Mose

    Dear Goddess,

    thank you for your unconditional and perpetual support. I would like to extend you my gratitude and appreciation for thinking and supporting us.
    I have been contemplating for the whole day the nature of this fear in my life. It feels like that first day of school when mummy was accompanying me to school hand in hand; at first I was feeling excited, but then later on I realized that she had to go, and I had to be in the presence of those strangers. I tried to relate with those strangers in the same way I related with mummy, but the response I got was not at all like mummy’s, and the felt shocking, akin to a betrayal, immense cruelty.
    Well perhaps I have not still recovered from that, in the middle of my adulthood; this fear of mummy’s absence is the fear of the void, of not being noticed, bringing great panic, forcing me to become small and compromising (intended in a negative way here)… anything, but that ‘void’!
    Dear Goddess, I want to ask you: how can I bask in your love, so that it feels that it comes right from you, and not from my ‘self’ only? Since I am here, I am aware at a certain level of your love, which I call ‘the source’, so I wish there was a way that could make me experience your love fully. I wish that as a tourist, I could jump on this spaceship and visit this planet, this place, of great love, so that I could have a living, thriving and real example of this love. Then I could say to myself, “Aaahh, so it is like this in reality”.

    With much love.

  8. Robert

    Thank you… Your messages are always current talking to what is going on inside of me.

  9. Edit

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I need your guidance my dear Goddess, and love you so much, so deeply!

  10. Norma

    Thank you I needed that message today…. feel much better and know what to do if or when the fears begin to arise in different situations… Again thank you…..

  11. Yolanda

    My Dearest Goddess,
    I truly feel your message deeply. I am so grateful that you are always there for me. I life has changed alot where I am not afraid like I was before. I am sure that I will help my afraid other self to conquer her fears. I am so happy because I know you are always there to inspire me to be the person I was born to be. Thank you for for your love and support. I thank you for the you have done for me and I thank you for all you will do for me.
    With all my everlasting love,

    • Your Name

      Thank you! I really am trying! Love it!! Up up & away with the past on to the knew! Thank you so much again.


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