Messages from your Unseen Friends



I watch you. I see how hard you try. I see you yearning to grow. I see you striving to become more. I see you.

And I know, dearest one, that you don’t always give yourself the care you need. I see you put others before yourself. I see you put work before yourself. I see you pushing yourself in every arena.

And you don’t nurture YOU.

And dear Friend, you need to be nurtured. You need to be held in strong and loving arms, so that you can…Just. Let. Go.

So allow Me to do that for you right now. Imagine yourself drifting up, and out of your body. Imagine yourself floating…higher…and higher…and higher.

And you sense a sparkling white and silver bubble of light which you ascend into. You imagine yourself lying in the softest grass you’ve ever felt, and under your head is a pillow of light and love.

And then you imagine Me surrounding you…the most nurturing and unconditional love you have ever felt in your life.

I am with you, Friend. I am Loving you in a way you may have never been loved before.

Let it in dear one. Close your eyes, just for a moment, and let it in.

Yours forever (and even longer),

The Goddess

P.S. You aren’t imagining it Friend. You are letting it in. And you will be changed. You will be more. And always remember; never forget…I love you.

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  1. karen

    so needed that this morning..feeling the UNconditional love is amazing…thanks!

  2. cindy bagwell

    Thank you so much for caring enough to love so many of us. Whoever you are YOU TRULY ARE A GODDESS and I give love back to you in return. BLESSINGS


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