Messages from your Unseen Friends



Do you remember when you were a child—six or seven years old? There were some scary times for that little one.

Yes, you’ve grown up and moved on. But that little one still exists. Little Friend still gets scared and still feels inadequate. And you can help.

Tonight, before you go to sleep, imagine yourself sneaking into that little one’s room, crawling into bed with them, and cradling them in your love. Whisper in their ear, “Friend, I love you. I love you deeply. I love you unconditionally—just the way you are. You are perfect, in my eyes, and I will love you forever and always.”

Then imagine surrounding that little one in a bubble of white, sparkling light—so they will feel that love and acceptance far into the night and through the next day.

You are powerful Friend. And you can heal that little one with your intention and your love. And when little Friend heals, so do you.

With deep abiding love,

Your Higher Self

P.S. Tonight, after you’ve loved your little self to sleep, imagine me sneaking into your room, crawling into bed with you, and wrapping you in my love. I will whisper in your ear, “Friend, I love you. I love you deeply. I love you unconditionally—just the way you are. You are perfect, in my eyes, and I will love you forever and always.” I will then wrap you in a bubble of white sparkling light—and you will feel my love and honoring of you far into the night and through the next day…

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  1. Sheeyl

    Wow! So powerful! Thank you for our beautiful mesaage, and for showing up in my life! ♡♡♡

  2. Grace

    As a psychotherapist who is an IFS practitioner (Internal Family Systems), your message resonates with this well respected theory. Dick Schwartz visits Boulder and I believe recorded with True Sounds. Thank you for your message.

  3. Yogibear52

    My Dearest Higher Self,
    I truly thank you for this wonderful message. It really inspired me to really wash over my little self and to care of her like I would do for my adult self. And give her my unconditional love like I would give it to my adult self. because I sometimes forget that she is still there waiting for me to take care of her. Because I am the only one that can help her. Sorry my little one, I just get caught up in the moment that I just forget that you are there. I promise that from today on I will be there to tuck you in before we go to sleep and give you all my love. Thank you my higher self for reminding me that my little one is always there waiting for me.

    With all my abiding love,

  4. laura watters

    i do this every night and put protection light around myself my daughter n my 2 precious grandsons love light and blessings xxx

  5. Debbie

    Tonight, as my lap top was sitting on my lap ready to read my unopened emails, I was explaining to my significant other how sad I was because I’m still not “good enough” for my family; my siblings don’t want me around. Then I opened my emails and read this. Thank you for such a timely message. I will sleep a bit more peacefully.

  6. Maria

    These are so precious words.
    I never though about this. Healing the inner child. Doing it tonight in my meditation and pray.
    Thank You, thank You so Much…

  7. Desirea

    Wow! Just wow what a powerful loving message ! We often forget about our younger child like selves and forget that they live within us scared in this “adult world”. Love and light.


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