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Have you noticed I’ve gotten smaller over the years? Has it come to your attention that you’re feeling less passionate and excited than when you were an adolescent or a young adult?

What happened to that juice, Friend?

I know one thing that has happened to it—you have left it behind after each and every disappointment in your life.

Each time your dreams were dashed, a little piece of me was left with that dream. Every time you were disappointed, hurt, betrayed, abandoned or had to settle, a piece of me (Your Spirit) died—and a piece of your passion, excitement and exuberance died as well.

Yes, it is sad. But there is hope. You can revive that lost passion.  You can rekindle the enthusiasm and you can reignite the spark of excitement about life!


By making a list of the biggest disappointments of your life. And then, one by one, go back to those times (in meditation of course) and visit the “you” before the disappointment happened.

And then—now here’s the key—change the outcome!

Yes, that’s right. Give that “you” the dream they wanted. Don’t judge it. Don’t second-guess it. Just give that “you” what they were hoping for (in spades). Watch them become so excited as their dreams come true. Be happy for them (even if what they wanted is not even close to your current dream).

And then come back to full consciousness and do it again—for every past “you” who didn’t get what they wanted.

And voila! Your spirit shall be reborn.

How cool is that, eh Friend?

With oceans of love,

Your Spirit

P.S. You may find your excitement growing after this little exercise. You’ll no longer be carrying around the weight of failure and the expectation of disappointment. Imagine what could happen from here? 😉

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  1. Beth

    Thank you for the goodness and open Hearted messages that are enduring and current always!! My writing arm and thumb are broken right now so your messages are helping so much!! Namaste/ Beth

  2. Vishnu

    So true you are really my spirit you know each movement of my life , I have been frustrated and disappointed after every failure but you have revived me have given life again and again . Thank you so much for this communication again.

  3. Yogibear52

    My Dear Spirit,
    I really don’t know were to start but I can tell you that I am so tired of trying to make things work in my life. Yes, you are right my life has been like a roller coaster more ,disappointed, hurt, betrayed, abandoned that sometime I really do not have the strength to keep trying. I have worked hard on trying to change my life around by changing my beliefs and doing a lot of meditation and praying and it seems that nothing works for me. Some times I just feel like just throwing in the towel. And just sit and wait for my time to go. I really been trying to live a life I love, but once again disappointment that just hovers around me. At this point I really don’t know if I should countinue trying or just give up. I really appreciate your beautiful words but I am so exhausted at this time that I really dont know if I should keep trying. Financially I am unstable not know how I am going to make ends meet. For some reason the more I try the more I get disappointment and hurt. At this point I really dont know what to do.

    With all my love,

    • Boni


      I feel your frustration and anger. And maybe, for a while, you should give up. Get your head back in the game of LIVING LIFE — being grateful, staying in the moment and choosing happiness.

      You see, Yogi, you have all the tools you need to create whatever you desire. But when you do the work through an energy of victimhood it never works.

      So…give up for a while. Take a break. But when you come back to it, come back with clean energy. From there, you can create anything whatsoever.

      much love,

      • Your Name

        Hello Boni how are you Im great just haven’t received my messages the last two weeks which I look forward to every Tuesday like its a weekend thks x7

    • Aaronw Smith

      Make yourself happy know matter what there’s aways a second chance beyour best friend and me


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