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My you have grown. Why I remember when you were just a little thing, and you would latch onto beliefs such as:

Big people protect me.

The night is scary. And…

Candy is the most delicious food.

It’s interesting that some beliefs you have had no trouble letting go of (especially that candy one… your first bite of pizza changed that in a hurry!).

Other beliefs, however, you have had a heck of a time letting go of. The more important a belief is to you, the harder time you have changing it.


Because you don’t look at it as a belief. You look at it as “the way things are”.

But Friend, the only “way things are” is that you create your own reality.

So I have an idea that might help. Why don’t you first decide which beliefs you WANT to hold, then figure out what beliefs you CURRENTLY hold?

You could start with something like:

I deserve to live a life I love!

Money comes to me as easily as air comes to me! And…

I have fun every single day!

And then, figure out what beliefs you currently hold.


By looking at what you are creating. Are you living a life you love, or a life of struggle? Is money coming easily, or are you fighting for every penny? Are you having fun or having challenges?

Just look at what you are creating, and then write down what you must believe in order to have created it.

Then, change them!

With love for you dear Friend,

Your Subconscious Mind

P.S. On the other hand, you could change nothing and have nothing change. It’s up to you, Friend. I am simply here to do your bidding. 😉

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  1. Anonymous

    What if what you want will hurt others? What if it would tear apart a a family?

    • Boni

      Dear Anonymous,

      I don’t think a family is better served when one person truly doesn’t want to be there. They all feel it whether or not it’s ever said. I suggest looking at any beliefs that say there must be a win-lose scenario. Why can’t there be a win-win?


  2. Your Name

    I have a very good life but always room for improvement. Thank you for the reminder. LOve & LIght, loliTA

    • Matthew Santee

      I appreciate this beautiful message I am in the process of building my vibration frequency to match the bumble 🐝 which is aligned to the planets so all beings and Gaia benefits. Thank you again for making this shift in us as easy as possible. 🔼🌈❤

  3. Dili jamatia

    I’ve a dream 2 become big and help people around. I’ve a belief that i can do everything. Can i make my dream come true?

    • Boni

      Hi Dili,

      Yes, you can make any dream come true. But you can’t control the form…only the essence.

      much love,

  4. Lori Embrey

    I so look forward to reading these inspirational thoughts and help to remember the little things. Thank you so much for helping me get through the tough times and of course the good. These days it is the good times and best times of my life! Without your support and guidance not sure where I’d be. Praying helps a great deal every day, which I do!

  5. Mansi

    Thank you so much for that message. It was just what I needed! You’re the best! I love you.

  6. Diana

    Thank you for reading me so well. Every note I have received has been me. I am blessed. Thank you.

  7. elizabeth

    My Dear… Your message gives me a kind of positive energy. It gives me courage to face my challenges and change them into my way. Thank you so much.

  8. Yogibear52

    Thank you my Sweetest Subconscious Mind for you message. You are right! I will do what you suggested so I can make my life more enjoyable full of fun and happiness. Thank you once again for all your love and support. With my sincerest love and gratitude, Yolanda


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