Messages from your Unseen Friends



Did you know everything is in complete order here in your subconscious mind?

Everything is methodical.
Everything makes complete sense.
Everything is Just. As. You. Ordered. It.

And I pay attention. I always pay attention.

When you were 14 and you were really, really mad and you yelled at the top of your lungs (in your mind), “I hate my life! Everything always goes wrong for me!” Remember that?

Well, I remember that. I never forget. I have been trying really hard to make sure things go wrong for you…just like you ordered!

Of course you also had that wonderful summer way back in those childhood days and you decided your life was amazing and you were one lucky kid. I listened to that too.

So now I give you some good days and some bad days and you are getting everything you ordered!

See? I do my job phenomenally well!!

But , I can’t help but notice…even though you ordered things going wrong for you, you don’t seem all that happy when they do go wrong.

Did you happen to forget you could come up here any old time and take out the stuff you’ve changed your mind about? And you could replace any belief at all with a new belief of your choosing?

Yeah, I thought that might have slipped your mind.

In eternal gratitude to be able to serve you,

Your Subconscious Mind

P.S. Imagine your life, , when every belief supports you creating and living a life beyond your wildest dreams—with joy, laughter, love and peace for all mankind. Trippy, eh? But possible, nonetheless.

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  1. Judy Rousseau

    I really look forward to these messages, and love the book Messages from your Unseen Friends! I go every day to find my message!

  2. Steve

    Boni, you are THE BEST! I love how you’ve taken YOUR understanding (wisdom) of how “all of this stuff works” and come up with new ways to communicate “the information”, and – in a simple concise communication – deliver a refreshing yet powerful message. YOU ROCK! -Steve

    • Boni

      Hi Steve,

      Thank you so much for your very kind words. I truly appreciate it.


  3. Mette-Louise

    Thank you for making the Law of attraction so easy to understand. I think it’s the first time I truely understand what it means. And thank you for making it so funny and light. XO

    • Boni

      Dear Mette-Louise,

      I’m thrilled that my words make LOA make sense to you. There isn’t a more important concept to understand on the entire planet! Happy creating!



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