Messages from your Unseen Friends



So much is changing in your world. And those changes can seem unnerving—even scary.

You are changing too. Sometimes rapidly and (yes, I know) sometimes your life isn’t changing as quickly as you’d like.

Where are these changes taking you?

That, my dear Friend, remains to be created.

I know the unknown is scary. You don’t know how many growing pains will be mixed up in the changes, you aren’t sure you’ll fully like the changes, and you’re also not entirely sure you can handle them when they come.

But dear heart, there’s something you’re forgetting—I am here by your side every single step of the way.

Friend, I love you so deeply, so steadfastly, so powerfully, that if you’ll just turn to me, it will be so, so much easier.

Remember I’m not the God of your childhood. I am mature, masculine love—strong, true, unwavering, forgiving love that you can count on to be by your side throughout eternity.

You and your planet are evolving. You knew this would happen before you were born. The result will be exquisite—a life (and planet) that is healed, healthy, whole, and balanced.

You’ll be fulfilled, creative, loving, wholly loved, safe, secure, and very, truly happy.

Let me help you Friend. Call on me, walk with me, and let’s create this together. I want to help you imagine and create how phenomenal your life (and world) can be.

With unconditional love for you,


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  1. Katherine

    wow, clearing out emails and random click brought me to this message, I really needed to hear those words, Mahalo ♥

  2. bliss

    I do SO love your messages from God. They are always just what I need to hear.

  3. Natasha Weaver

    So God is male? It’s hard for me to divide the Divine into male and female, God and Goddess. But I do appreciate the message, very encouraging.

  4. Your Name

    Thank you for aligning me more with my true self and reminding me what a beautiful journey this life is meant to be. Bob

  5. vishnu

    thank you so much for your care and love. i am moved by your feeling and enlightening thought.

  6. Marianne

    I truly love these comments! They are so kind and loving! Thank You! This world and people can use all the kindness and love they can give and receive.


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