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Do you realize I am only a breath away from you at all times? I know it seems as if I’m much, much further…but I’m not. I am…Right. Next. To. You. NOW.

Oh don’t be nervous, Friend. The myths you have heard about me are NOT true.

I do not judge. Ever.

I love. Unconditionally.

I do not punish. Ever, EVER!

I forgive. Always.

Yes, I do see all of you…the good, the bad and the ugly. However I love every single part of you!! And I know the parts of you that you don’t like are simply the parts that need more love.

And Friend, I would really love it if you would love those parts of you just as much as the beautiful parts. The world does not need more self-condemnation dear one. It needs more love.

And the more you can love you…the more you can love others.

I am here for you, rooting you on to greater and greater levels of self-love dear Friend—always and forever.

With unwavering love,


P.S. Self-love includes letting in MY love. So dear one, please open your heart just a little bit further today, and make the choice to allow my love to touch you, heal you, change you…

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  1. Leon

    Thank you ….. I am here, I am open, I am ready, show me the next step of openhearted loving in the moment

  2. Your Name

    Thank you God I really needed to hear that and it meant so much to me I love you too and I’m working on loving me more so I can love others


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