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From Your Soul

From Your Soul

It hasn’t always been easy, has it dear one? You’ve been challenged, you’ve been hurt, you’ve been damaged, you’ve been disappointed—yet here you are—stronger, more powerful, and wiser than ever before.

It’s a new year, my love—and a new you will be born. Who do you want that new “you” to be? What energies would you like to increase in your life?

More love?

More healing?

More abundance?

More creativity?

More peace?

More ease?

More joy?

You can have all of those and more—there literally is no limit for this lifetime, Friend.

But begin, dearest one, with acknowledging that the past was perfect. Maybe you could have created it with more ease, or less pain—but for who you were then, it was perfect. Bless your past—remember the good things that came of it—and forgive the pain, disappointments and betrayals.

It is all an illusion, remember? The bad and the good, the happy and the sad. And once you’ve forgiven yourself for creating it, and acknowledged the gifts of the past, you are free to create the future you desire.

Drench yourself in the energies you prefer. Dance with the joy, revel in the abundance, bask in the healing, delve into the creativity and oh, yes, soak in the love. For you are loved dear Friend, more than you will ever, ever know in this lifetime.

From my heart to yours,

Your Soul

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  1. Tammy

    I just lost my son Nov.27 I don’t think my heart will ever heal.And lost my Job the next week.

    • Michelle

      I am so sorry. Loss like that is so overwhelming. Know that you are cared for and thought of tenderly. Let the people around you help you in this – sharing grief lightens it somewhat. It took much longer for me to process losing my husband (at 28) because I couldn’t allow help. Be as well as you can in each day 🙂

    • Boni

      Oh Tammy I’m so so so sorry. I know it seems hopeless right now. It’s not. But you won’t feel that or know that for sure until you are past the deep pain. Please call on your unseen friends right now…they can and will help. Let them hold you in their love. Imagine them with you…walking behind you in the day, cradling you at night. Your heart can heal…but now is the time for grieving. Sending you all my love…Boni


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