How I created a multi-million dollar business! (5 of 7)

By Boni Lonnsburry

Good News or Bad News? (sometimes it’s hard to tell…)

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Just when I was finally creating work I really did love, I was faced with a tough decision, should I stick with the huge corporate conglomerate (they offered me a choice to move to headquarters in Dallas) or sign on with a start up?

Folks, the better you get at consciously creating your reality, the more often you will be faced with tough choices. You will wish you had a crystal ball to point out the more lucrative and expansive choices. It is during these times, that it is easy to forget that you are creating it all. You are creating the choices and the result of whichever choice you make!

So ultimately you can’t make a bad choice on the outside if you keep choosing joy, fun, creativity, freedom, fun, etc on the inside. Even if something looks like a good choice and it turns ‘bad’, you can choose again – and I do mean choose again on the inside, which will inevitably turn up on the outside.

I chose the start up. I was named vice-president of the new company (less than two years after I began temping). The power of conscious creation is amazing!! I worked non-stop to get the new company off the ground. Virtually everything had to be done at once and I had an absolute blast making it all happen.

We began with a contract to provide marketing for our old company, so we were successful immediately. My biggest challenge was finding balance in my life, because work was so much fun that was all I wanted to do.

Unfortunately, six months into the new company we lost the contract with the old company. And the owner closed the doors. Once again I was jobless and broke.  I had barely registered this information when my former boss approached me, “What if you and I began a new company that provides the same services? You could run it from your home and I’ll be the silent partner?”

I had nothing to lose. And no other prospects save two days a week working at the mortgage company she was managing. “Sounds good,” I replied.

And together we pooled our resources – $50 each towards the corporate papers which cost $100 to register. And In Touch Today was born.

My former boss (and new partner) was kind enough to set up a part time gig for me writing a newsletter for another local mortgage company. So between the two part time jobs I had enough to barely squeak by. This was good news, since In Touch Today did not make money the first few months.

I was ok with that for the time being, because I was having a ball. I loved working from home –  making the ‘long’ commute from my upstairs bedroom to my downstairs office with my hair in curlers wearing a t-shirt and cut-offs. I adored what I was doing. But I still kept up the metaphysical work – knowing it was working but unsure of what would show up next!

Because the money piece was so shaky, I began paying more attention to my beliefs around finances and prosperity. I was ready for it to start flowing easily and effortlessly. When I would observe my reality showing me a belief such as:

There is never enough money.

It is difficult to make money.

Money leaves as quickly as it comes.

I am insecure financially.

I would change them to:

There is always enough money.

It is easy to make money.

Money comes as quickly as it leaves.

I am secure financially.

And sure enough, money began to flow. Four months after starting the company, I began taking a salary. And just three months later, I quit my part time job and bought out my partner. I was the sole owner of In Touch Today!

The ride from there was amazing…

In joyous creation,


How I created a multi-million dollar business! part 6

Boni Lonnsburry is the author of three books including The Map - To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True and the founder of Creation School, a place to develop conscious creation skills into artistry.

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  1. mm by the river

    This is amazing! I love the story, especially since it comes from someone who makes her living not by selling the ‘lectures’!
    Most of the self-help/motivational/success-coaching books I’ve read came from authors who currently make their living from talking about it or even from donations of those who wants to follow. We all have to make a living and there is nothing unethical about it, but to me, I just can’t relate to the theory once I find out their income comes in totally different manner.
    My mind, already doubtful, would say ‘yeah, it’s easy for them to say, because they just show up and talk about it’.
    While reading your story, I felt I could truly relate to many of the situations and feelings you went through. Some of the pitfalls you encountered, tough choices you had to make are somewhat like mine. The fact that you are still running your own business successfully tells me the techniques that you used are working!!
    Thank you so much. I will continue reading and enjoying your articles.

    • Boni

      Hi MM by the River,

      Thank you for your kind words. I understand what you mean. If someone really knows what they are talking about they must have first made it work in their own lives it would seem. The proof for any ‘wisdom’, is

      1. Does it feel good (meaning true, right, heartfelt) to me?

      2. Does it make me ‘more’?

      And ‘more’ can be: does my life improve, or do I feel better (more empowered, more free, more hopeful)? In time, those improved feelings will result in an improved life.

      I do hope your life improves, applying some of what I’ve learned, MM. And I also hope you’ll let me know when it does!

      With love and light,


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